Adding Fresh Whole Foods to Your Dogs Diet!- Cultural Canine

A lot of people believe that the bag of dry food sitting in their pantry has all the nutrients that their dog needs.. that is true, Kinda.

Commercial Kibble companies have clever marketing teams that pick out words to make you see what they want you to.

dry food label small bites beef and rice formulaDry dog food label grilled steak and vegetable flavor
dry dog food the superfood plate trio of proteins


By using pictures of real foods and and trending words like "superfood". When in reality some kibble companies have as little as 25% of "meat" products. 

Feeding a variety of ingredients on rotation is how every animal in the world achieves a balanced diet - they balance over time, dogs are no different even though kibble companies have you believe otherwise.

Our own Doctors are telling us to eat more fresh food and less processed foods, yet the majority of our Vets are telling us to feed less fresh and more processed, doesn't make sense really. 

You can read more about the history of kibble here.

A Hybrid Diet is achievable for many pet parents, this is where you reduce your dog’s dry food by around 20% and you replace it with fresh food.

Dry Dog food with meats and veg

Advocates of raw food diets site these benefits:

  • shinier coats
  • healthier skin
  • improved dental health
  • increased energy
  • smaller, less smelly stools.

If you are wanting to add some fresh foods to your dogs diet here are some examples of easy kibble topper;

  • Sardines (fresh or tin-only the Spring water kind, never olive oil etc).
  • Edible bone; Chicken neck, wing etc.
  • Dehydrated treats (search our range here)
  • Steamed veg, or leftover table scraps that are dog safe
  • Kefir (a probiotic found in the yoghurt section in most supermarkets) 

Dry food with increased whole foods on plate

Start slow and small when introducing new foods to your pup, if you have been doing 20% for a while and want to learn more about fresh food diets, there are lots of free online resources, send Cultural Canine a message to get started!